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Battle of the Ozarks . Springfield, MO

February 1 2020

An invitational tournament will be held at O'Reilly Tefft Gymnasium in Springfield, MO. All students must be pre-registered through their instructor. Registration deadline: Friday, January 24.

The day of the tournament, doors will open at 8:00 am.
Judges meeting will commence at 8:30 am.

Staging Times:
8:30 All Black Belts for Black Belt meeting. Black Belt Divisions could run throughout the day
9:00 Little Ninjas and White through High Yellow Belt divisions
9:30 Green Belts
10:00 Blue through High Red Belts
11:00 Brown through 1R
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Taekwondo Leadership Camp . Lead Hill, AR

February 7-9 2020

Are you a 13-20 year old martial artist and want to become a LEADER in your martial arts school? We are conducting incredible LEADERSHIP CAMPS for those who want to take their art to the NEXT LEVEL.
The camps are limited to 20 participants, so reserve asap!
Camps are conducted by Troy Burleson (8th Dan), Randy Edwards (8th Dan) and Jerry Lindsey (7th Dan)

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JW Edwards Virtual Taekwondo Tournament

Oct 2-3 2020

Enter our invitational competition against other martial artists your age from across the country - while in your home. Train between now and October, film your very best high form, and on the day of the event, submit a video of your finest performance.
The judges for each division will be AMA Directors and black belts. Scores are based on technique and power of each form presented.
Video submissions will be accepted October 2-3, with results being announced October 10 via FB Watch Party by Master Burleson, Master Edwards and Master Lindsey.
All proceeds from this tournament will go to the JW Edwards Taekwondo Foundation. The Foundation’s primary purpose is to provide an opportunity for children to attend Kids Taekwondo Summer Camp. Secondarily, its purpose is also to financially assist children, so they may participate as a Taekwondo student.
We are honoring all competitor fees submitted for the March 2020 JW Edwards Tournament, which was postponed.

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Upcoming Events

National Kids Training Camp . North Arkansas College

July 13-18 & July 20-25  2020

This is the 36th annual year of Kids Taekwondo Camp. Students attending Kids Camp will have the opportunity to learn from 3 master instructors and senior instructors, and have the opportunity to cross train in many styles, such as kickboxing, jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts.
A graduation ceremony will take place for all Full Camp students on Saturday.

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